Best Footwear For Different Workouts

Shoes, what would we do without them? From walking to running, skiing and even exercising at the gym, shoes are essential for almost each physical activity. What’s more, there are shoes best suited for different workouts. We take a look at them below.

Best Shoe for Running with Bad Knees: The Brooks Transcend

Running is a sport for everyone. However, previous injuries and sickness could prevent you from enjoying this hobby if you have painful knees. You don’t need to worry about your knees aching mid-run with the Brooks Transcend or any of the Gravity Defyer Shoes. Here’s why:

  • The Brooks Transcend have a lot of additional padding on each pair. This reduces the intensity of the contact between your foot and the ground, which lessens the impact of running to your knees. In fact, Brooks Transcend has this pair manufactured with 25 percent more foam than the firm’s previous supportive shoes – talk about soft landings.
  • The shoe is adaptive – With every stride you take, the Brook Transcend’s flexible nature allows you to easily step on different surfaces – from the gym to a rocky hill. This feature provides you with a lot more balance than other shoes.

Best Shoe for Metabolic Circuits: The Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0

Are you a lover of Crossfit? Then look no further. This is the shoe for you. Here’s why so many elite cross fitters have a pair of Reebok Crossfit Nanos in their shoe closets:

  • They offer excellent protection to your foot through their rubber cage. With avoiding injury being essential to stay on top of your workouts, these shoes, therefore, aid your consistency in following an exercise program.
  • Their quality of foam is amongst the best in the market. They, therefore, provide excellent stability and cushioning for every stride you take.

Best Shoe for Walking, Hiking or Biking: Columbia Conspiracy Vapor

The Columbia Conspiracy Vapor is a versatile shoe that is perfect for walking and biking around town, or hitting the trails. Check out why:

  • Excellent tread – These shoes have a firmer sole that offers great traction on foot pedals, flat surfaces, sandy hills, shaley rock and muddy trails.
  • Durable nylon material – The Canvas nylon upper material of these shoes makes them both durable and comfortable.

Best Shoe for Powerlifting: The Converse Chuck Taylor High Top

These classic chucks remain the go-to shoe brand for most experienced powerlifters in the business today. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Thin soles – Unlike thick soles that require more effort to gain flexibility out of, thin soles bend easily and therefore enable you to concentrate more of your energy in your lift.
  • High and stiff ankles – No one wants a gym scare stemming from your feet buckling under the weight of a very heavy barbell. The stiff ankles of these shoes provide extra support to ensure you perform your squats and deadlifts both safely and efficiently.

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