Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Shoes – Boring No More

Converse Chuck Taylor Ox shoes – boring? No way!

Chuck Taylor Ox shoes (also called “Lo Tops”) are some of the most versatile sneakers in the world these days, having more combinations of styles, colors and prints than any other shoe available! No more are the days of boring “black, white or basic” choices in Chuck Taylors! If you’re bored of New Balance or Birkenstock and looking for something more comfortable, check out some Gravity Defyer Shoes that come with Veroshock Technology.

Here are some of the styles, etc., available with the modern-day Converse Chuck Taylor Ox shoes:

Double Upper Converse Chuck Taylor Ox

As the name implies, these sneakers have two uppers, both equipped with eyelets all the way up for lacing – or not. There are three different ways that these shoes can be worn resulting in three distinctly different looks to provide a bit of variety for the wearer. Fun looks, comfortable shoes. Canvas upper with a vulcanized rubber sole for improved traction.

Double Tongue Converse Chuck Taylor Ox

This is another “double” version for the Chuck Taylor Ox shoes, but with a single

upper. There are two tongues, one lying atop the other. Typically these shoes are worn only part-way laced, providing the ability to fold one of the tongues over, revealing a lower tongue with a contrasting (but complimentary) color. Again, these have a standard canvas upper with rubber flexible soles.

Converse Chuck Taylor Slip-On Ox (“Slips”)

These have an identical appearance to the classic Ox shoes from Chuck Taylor but have a special support to keep the shoes snug whether they are laced or not. Even though these shoes do not require laces they have eyelets to add a special “extra casual” look for the wearer. These “no-lace-with-eyelets” shoes have been very trendy in the last year or so and probably will stay “in” for a time due to their convenience and fun looks for the wearer.

Leather Converse Chuck Taylor Ox

The classic appearance of Chuck Taylor with the look and feel of leather. These shoes are sturdy, comfortable and very trendy for modern-day “Chucks” lovers. The leather version of the Ox shoes are generally available in black and white, also available in either contrasting or monochrome styles.

Seasonal Converse Chuck Taylor Ox

Classic Chuck Taylor Ox with a fresh variety of colors available throughout the year. The “Seasonal Ox” shoes can provide some of the most interesting and fun colors ever for shoes. For example, in 2008 there was an entire variety of neon colors to choose from making for some of the most noticeable “Chucks” ever!

For current information on these and more Chuck Taylor Ox shoes, visit the Converse Chuck Taylor Ox page, where you will find plenty of information on current styles, colors and great shopping tips for these fun, stylish and classic casual sneakers.

New Balance 955 Men’s Walking Shoe – a Review


Normally I’m one to buy a $25 pair of shoes on special and wear them until they break down in some irreparable way, which is generally 6 to 12 months after buying them. After some foot blisters due to having to be on my feet most of the day, however, I decided I was tired of this routine and it was time to step my game up. I thought of picking up a pair of G-Defy shoes but then I remembered a pair of New Balance sneakers I had years ago that were really comfy and lasted for years. I decided to see what the company had these days in a good quality walking shoe at an affordable price.

I got the New Balance 955 online for a reasonable $99 with free shipping. The suggested retail price is $120, and the local stores seemed to hover around $110, so as always Google Product Search is your friend. For a good quality, durable walking shoe that isn’t going to be in a precarious condition after six to nine months, $90 seems to be about the minimum you have to spend anymore anyway. Birkenstock and Converse have some good options too.

I had read online that New Balance sizes tend to run a bit small, so I ordered a half-step above my normal size, and they fit great. The shoe has a decided “rugged” look and fits well with outdoor wear, if you’re going for a Mike Rowe “working man” sort of look these are your shoes. I don’t think they would work at all in an office environment though unless maybe you work at REI or something. Anyway, it’s not for a dinner party, but if you’re going out in jeans or cargos and a t-shirt or sweatshirt they’re fine. The black leather toe covering isn’t the prettiest design but it does eliminate the problem of scuffing and having to shine, just give these things a basic cleaning when they get dirty and that’s all the more they need, pretty much the same maintenance level of sneakers.

Most importantly, they are really supportive and super comfy. After four months of wearing them now, I’ve had zero blister problems, and my usual problem areas have all healed up. They advertise “Rollbar positioning” to prevent rear foot movement – I’m not sure what that is or how it works exactly, but usually one of the first points of wear on my shoes is that the fabric of the inside heels wears away and exposes plastic, in this case, there are no signs of wear yet at all.

The only gripe I have with these things is the advertised “Gore-Tex waterproof protection” and the “Ndurance traction” systems. Both are basically bullshit. I live in Northern California, where it’s been raining quite a bit, and I can assure you that these things are far from waterproof. They’re water-resistant, but you’re still going to have damp socks if you’re out in the rain. And the traction is admittedly pretty awful on wet slick surfaces, I have to be very careful when going out in the rain on smooth pavement.

The water-based gripes are pretty minor though since I just carry a huge umbrella to cover that anyway. Aside from that this is the best pair of shoes I’ve owned in a decade. Not good for constant rain and off-road conditions, but if you live in a generally dry area that isn’t too hot these things are hard to beat for a walking shoe.

What’s the Best Birkenstock Shoe for Men?

The first Birkenstock shoes were made in 1774 by Johann Birkenstock and the company has been making great shoes ever since. In 1966, the company began exporting their fine footwear to the United States. For men, there are three main types of footwear the company markets: sandals, clogs, and shoes. There are four lines of sandals with over 30 styles between them. Birkenstock also has two clog lines with over 20 variations. In this instance however, we’ll concentrate on their line of shoes. If you’re not getting a pair of Gravity Defyers, you should get a pair of Birkenstocks.

There are only 13 shoe styles in the Birkenstock lineup, including one pair of boots. Without delving into older styles or discontinued stock, the Birkenstock shoe line currently contains the Alabama, Devon, Harrison, London and Norton families of shoes for men. All of these lines are casual shoes except the Norton, which are boots. All of the Birkenstock lines are made of simple yet durable materials including polyurethane soles and suede or leather uppers. Of course, all of their shoes come with their famous insole that shapes itself to your foot for supreme comfort.

The Birkenstock shoe lines come in two main styles, including single-buckle and laced. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. Buckled shoes are easy to slip on while laced shoes can take a little longer. Buckles also stay secure, laces can often come undone. Laces will eventually snap or fray and will have to be replaced. Laced shoes look better and adjust more comfortably to your foot. Buckled shoes sometimes fit a little too loose or too snugly. Most people who purchase Birkenstocks do so because they are known for their comfort. For this reason, I feel that their laced lines of shoes are better, which eliminates the London series.

Now we’ll look at the materials in question. Birkenstock lines are made of suede, nubuck, or leather. While each is both comfortable and durable, suede doesn’t do very well in damp weather. Slogging through rain or snow will stain suede, so we’ll remove that material. Nubuck looks great until it gets scuffed. Any bumps or scratches to nubuck will remain permanently. Some folks don’t mind because it gives the shoes character but if you’d like your shoes to remain new looking, avoid that material. This just leaves shoes with leather uppers.

Using our system of elimination, we find that we are left with four pairs of shoes from which to choose. If you like the look of docksiders then the Devon line is for you. There is only one shoe in this line and it comes in either dark brown or tan leather. The Devon is fully lined and has a replaceable insole, making it very attractive. They retail for around $250, making them a little pricey.

The Cortina Black Leather, from their Alabama line is another good option. This unlined shoe has natural texturing and good arch support. Its insole isn’t removable, but at $200 retail, it’s a little easier on the pocket than the Devon lineup. For comfort, I prefer lined shoes because I find unlined shoes often chafe at the ankles and toes.

The last shoe option is the black leather Harrison. This is a classic lace-up shoe with a removable insole. It has a well-treaded polyurethane sole and smooth leather upper. The Harrison is fully lined yet very lightweight. This shoe retails for around $250. While this is a little expensive, this is a very high quality shoe and will give you years of great wear. I consider this shoe to be the best Birkenstock shoe for men, because of its comfort, style, and high-quality materials.

Ecco Running Shoes : Let the Foot Control the Shoe

Ecco Running Shoes

Ecco Running Shoes have changed the way I think of shoes. I used to go barefoot as much as possible and only put shoes on when I had to, but now I wear my Ecco Running Shoes even around the house because they are so comfortable and provide the support that improves my posture, from the feet up. Although I am not a runner I find these shoes to be just as good for a walker like me. Besides Gravity Defyer Shoes, these are the only other shoes I would recommend.

Even sitting at my computer, my feet feel better with these shoes on than without. The arch support is high but sufficiently padded to allow for cushioning when I walk. The Ecco Running Shoes also have padding on the inside in the back of the shoe that hugs my foot without causing blisters. This is a feature I have not seen in any other walking or running shoes. These shoes are specifically designed for comfort and the designer has succeeded.

Not only do I like the feel of the shoe, but I like the visual design which has a total of three different colors: silver, white and blue shadow. The style has tubular white laces that are laced through little tabs, as opposed to holes in the shoe. The look of these shoes sets them apart from others on the rack. When I am wearing them I not only enjoy the comfort but I look pretty cool for a grandmother!

When trying on different well-known brands of walking and running shoes I found that some of the major brands didn’t feel any better than my five-year-old, worn out, walking shoes. The price was much lower than the Ecco Running Shoes, but when it comes to my feet, the price is not the issue.

The saleslady told me that many Ecco styles have the seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association, but I thought she was just trying to make the sale. However, I did my research and found this to be a true statement. This may not be important to everyone, but I have learned from too many years of treasuring my very high heels (that resulted in foot surgery on both feet at the age of 40) that the most important part of my body is my feet. If my feet are comfortable, I am a happier person.

Finding shoes in my size is always a challenge, but finding shoes that I like that are comfortable is almost impossible! When I saw the Ecco Running Shoes on display in the store in my size, I knew I had to try them on, even though I don’t normally spend close to $100 for a pair of shoes. Once they were on my feet I knew I would get my money’s worth.

Comfortable Walking Shoes for Only Twenty Bucks was Just Icing on the Cake

Comfortable Walking Shoes

I have had all kinds of jobs in my life. I worked at numerous restaurants, a coffee shop, a dinner theatre, a catering company, even a florist. Each job was different in its own way but the one thing they had in common was the attire. I was allowed to wear regular clothes at each of these jobs and I didn’t appreciate it enough when I had it.

Every job I have ever had has allowed me to wear walking shoes. Then I got an office job for the first time in my life. The difference is astounding. It is amazing how much the shoes you wear affect your mood. Finally, I could wear a pair of Gravity Defyers.

Every job I have ever had has allowed me to wear walking shoes. Then I got an office job for the first time in my life. The difference is astounding. It is amazing how much the shoes you wear affect your mood.

Suddenly I have been forced to leave my walking shoes at home each day and stuff my feet into shoes more appropriate for a stuffy office setting. I despise it to be honest. I hate feeling so constrained and laced up if you will.

I knew that working at an office would require a level of conformity that I had not yet seen, but this is ridiculous. From head to toe, I am a business girl. I haven’t been able to convince my insides yet though.

My last job was at a catering company. I wore black walking shoes all day or night depending on the event. The shoes had to be black – that was the only stipulation. The fact that I found extremely comfortable walking shoes for only twenty bucks was just icing on the cake.

I have to do a lot of running around at my office job and wearing pinchy office shoes does not make it any easier. I know for a fact that if I was allowed to wear walking shoes to work I would be happier and therefore more productive. That sounds like a fair trade, right?

Well somehow I doubt that proposal would ever fly but it may be worth a shot. I would have to put up with the cattiness of jealous co-workers though. Small price to pay in my eyes. Oh, my poor, pinched feet. I have not forsaken you. I just needed a decent paycheck. I’m getting older and it was time to grow up and get a grown-up job.

Excuses, excuses. I know and I am sorry my tired sore, little feet. I promise that it will just be you, me, and some comfy walking shoes the moment the time clock strikes 5. I promise.

You Can Wear Good Looking Shoes that Don’t Kill Your Feet!

Do you choose style over comfort when you choose your footwear? If you’re like most people (well, most women) you answered yes. Women everywhere suffer in high heels and stilettos. These types of shoes are bad for your feet, back, knees, and hips and countless women wear them by choice, all in the name of beauty.

However, there are still many of us who absolutely will not put up with it. Maybe that’s the reason for the gaining popularity of loafer, of all shoes. There are thousands of footwear options out there, but loafers are really making a comeback.

However, there are still many of us who absolutely will not put up with it. Maybe that’s the reason for the gaining popularity of loafer, of all shoes. There are thousands of footwear options out there, but loafers are really making a comeback. You should definitely take a look at our review of Gravity Defyer Shoes if comfort is important to you.

Plus they’re much better for your health than high heels. They support air circulation around your feet which allow them to breathe. Plus they don’t throw your spin and hips out of alignment like heels do.

They’re also very comfortable due to the wonderful arch support and cushiony sole. Loafers are definitely one of the most comfortable footwear options on the market. If you’ve ever worn stilettos you know how it feels to be walking around thinking “Darn. I wish I could just take these shoes OFF!”

Well that’s never a problem with loafers because when you wear them it feels almost like you’re walking on clouds. If you have a job that requires you to be on your feet you can wear loafers and have just about no foot problems at all.

Another plus is the fact that they’re so easy and simple. You can just slip them on and off in seconds and you’re ready to go. There are no straps to fix or laces that you need to tie. This makes the loafer especially attractive to those with back problems who find bending over or kneeling down to be painful.

Loafers are casual shoes, yet they come in more styles than you think. You can find styles that will work for very casual everyday wear to movie night to business meetings. They go well with clothes, no matter what you wear. You can wear loafers with jeans or even slacks.

So even if you’ve never considered loafers before because you thought they weren’t stylish, you really don’t have any excuses now. They’re as comfortable as they’ve always been, but now they’re also stylish! They used to come only in brown or black before, but now you can find them in many different colors and materials.

Best Footwear For Different Workouts

Shoes, what would we do without them? From walking to running, skiing and even exercising at the gym, shoes are essential for almost each physical activity. What’s more, there are shoes best suited for different workouts. We take a look at them below.

Best Shoe for Running with Bad Knees: The Brooks Transcend

Running is a sport for everyone. However, previous injuries and sickness could prevent you from enjoying this hobby if you have painful knees. You don’t need to worry about your knees aching mid-run with the Brooks Transcend or any of the Gravity Defyer Shoes. Here’s why:

  • The Brooks Transcend have a lot of additional padding on each pair. This reduces the intensity of the contact between your foot and the ground, which lessens the impact of running to your knees. In fact, Brooks Transcend has this pair manufactured with 25 percent more foam than the firm’s previous supportive shoes – talk about soft landings.
  • The shoe is adaptive – With every stride you take, the Brook Transcend’s flexible nature allows you to easily step on different surfaces – from the gym to a rocky hill. This feature provides you with a lot more balance than other shoes.

Best Shoe for Metabolic Circuits: The Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0

Are you a lover of Crossfit? Then look no further. This is the shoe for you. Here’s why so many elite cross fitters have a pair of Reebok Crossfit Nanos in their shoe closets:

  • They offer excellent protection to your foot through their rubber cage. With avoiding injury being essential to stay on top of your workouts, these shoes, therefore, aid your consistency in following an exercise program.
  • Their quality of foam is amongst the best in the market. They, therefore, provide excellent stability and cushioning for every stride you take.

Best Shoe for Walking, Hiking or Biking: Columbia Conspiracy Vapor

The Columbia Conspiracy Vapor is a versatile shoe that is perfect for walking and biking around town, or hitting the trails. Check out why:

  • Excellent tread – These shoes have a firmer sole that offers great traction on foot pedals, flat surfaces, sandy hills, shaley rock and muddy trails.
  • Durable nylon material – The Canvas nylon upper material of these shoes makes them both durable and comfortable.

Best Shoe for Powerlifting: The Converse Chuck Taylor High Top

These classic chucks remain the go-to shoe brand for most experienced powerlifters in the business today. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Thin soles – Unlike thick soles that require more effort to gain flexibility out of, thin soles bend easily and therefore enable you to concentrate more of your energy in your lift.
  • High and stiff ankles – No one wants a gym scare stemming from your feet buckling under the weight of a very heavy barbell. The stiff ankles of these shoes provide extra support to ensure you perform your squats and deadlifts both safely and efficiently.