Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Shoes – Boring No More

Converse Chuck Taylor Ox shoes – boring? No way!

Chuck Taylor Ox shoes (also called “Lo Tops”) are some of the most versatile sneakers in the world these days, having more combinations of styles, colors and prints than any other shoe available! No more are the days of boring “black, white or basic” choices in Chuck Taylors! If you’re bored of New Balance or Birkenstock and looking for something more comfortable, check out some Gravity Defyer Shoes that come with Veroshock Technology.

Here are some of the styles, etc., available with the modern-day Converse Chuck Taylor Ox shoes:

Double Upper Converse Chuck Taylor Ox

As the name implies, these sneakers have two uppers, both equipped with eyelets all the way up for lacing – or not. There are three different ways that these shoes can be worn resulting in three distinctly different looks to provide a bit of variety for the wearer. Fun looks, comfortable shoes. Canvas upper with a vulcanized rubber sole for improved traction.

Double Tongue Converse Chuck Taylor Ox

This is another “double” version for the Chuck Taylor Ox shoes, but with a single

upper. There are two tongues, one lying atop the other. Typically these shoes are worn only part-way laced, providing the ability to fold one of the tongues over, revealing a lower tongue with a contrasting (but complimentary) color. Again, these have a standard canvas upper with rubber flexible soles.

Converse Chuck Taylor Slip-On Ox (“Slips”)

These have an identical appearance to the classic Ox shoes from Chuck Taylor but have a special support to keep the shoes snug whether they are laced or not. Even though these shoes do not require laces they have eyelets to add a special “extra casual” look for the wearer. These “no-lace-with-eyelets” shoes have been very trendy in the last year or so and probably will stay “in” for a time due to their convenience and fun looks for the wearer.

Leather Converse Chuck Taylor Ox

The classic appearance of Chuck Taylor with the look and feel of leather. These shoes are sturdy, comfortable and very trendy for modern-day “Chucks” lovers. The leather version of the Ox shoes are generally available in black and white, also available in either contrasting or monochrome styles.

Seasonal Converse Chuck Taylor Ox

Classic Chuck Taylor Ox with a fresh variety of colors available throughout the year. The “Seasonal Ox” shoes can provide some of the most interesting and fun colors ever for shoes. For example, in 2008 there was an entire variety of neon colors to choose from making for some of the most noticeable “Chucks” ever!

For current information on these and more Chuck Taylor Ox shoes, visit the Converse Chuck Taylor Ox page, where you will find plenty of information on current styles, colors and great shopping tips for these fun, stylish and classic casual sneakers.

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