Ecco Running Shoes

Ecco Running Shoes : Let the Foot Control the Shoe

Ecco Running Shoes have changed the way I think of shoes. I used to go barefoot as much as possible and only put shoes on when I had to, but now I wear my Ecco Running Shoes even around the house because they are so comfortable and provide the support that improves my posture, from the feet up. Although I am not a runner I find these shoes to be just as good for a walker like me. Besides Gravity Defyer Shoes, these are the only other shoes I would recommend.

Even sitting at my computer, my feet feel better with these shoes on than without. The arch support is high but sufficiently padded to allow for cushioning when I walk. The Ecco Running Shoes also have padding on the inside in the back of the shoe that hugs my foot without causing blisters. This is a feature I have not seen in any other walking or running shoes. These shoes are specifically designed for comfort and the designer has succeeded.

Not only do I like the feel of the shoe, but I like the visual design which has a total of three different colors: silver, white and blue shadow. The style has tubular white laces that are laced through little tabs, as opposed to holes in the shoe. The look of these shoes sets them apart from others on the rack. When I am wearing them I not only enjoy the comfort but I look pretty cool for a grandmother!

When trying on different well-known brands of walking and running shoes I found that some of the major brands didn’t feel any better than my five-year-old, worn out, walking shoes. The price was much lower than the Ecco Running Shoes, but when it comes to my feet, the price is not the issue.

The saleslady told me that many Ecco styles have the seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association, but I thought she was just trying to make the sale. However, I did my research and found this to be a true statement. This may not be important to everyone, but I have learned from too many years of treasuring my very high heels (that resulted in foot surgery on both feet at the age of 40) that the most important part of my body is my feet. If my feet are comfortable, I am a happier person.

Finding shoes in my size is always a challenge, but finding shoes that I like that are comfortable is almost impossible! When I saw the Ecco Running Shoes on display in the store in my size, I knew I had to try them on, even though I don’t normally spend close to $100 for a pair of shoes. Once they were on my feet I knew I would get my money’s worth.

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