Gravity Defyer Women's G-Defy Iokia Athletic Shoes Review

Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy Iokia Athletic Shoes Review

From a wide range of Gravity Defyer shoes, these are one of the most popular ones for women in the range. Not only are they great looking, but also high on the level of comfort as well as on durability. If you are however, looking to buy a great pair of shoes that will help ease your pain, whether it is your back or your needs or your feet – these shoes will certainly help ease out the pain and prevent any such pain from returning back.

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Key features

These pair of shoes from Gravity Defyer has all the right features that all Gravity Defyer shoes have. They are made with great and long lasting materials and equipped with the features which help to keep the feet pain free and strong, at the same time protecting the muscles of not just the feet but the overall legs.

These are ideal for those who walk a lot or stand on their feet all day.

Technologically advanced

These shoes from Gravity Defyer, like all other shoes by these manufacturers, have all the important features that this company is known for. These shoes are equipped with their signature features that are the VersoShock technology, which helps to absorb the shock that may be caused when the feet are out firmly on the ground. These shocks can adversely affect the ligaments in the legs and may cause pain in the feet as well, over a course of time.

This technology, the VersoShock helps to keep the feet secure and fit in the shoes and prevents any harm to the feet from the large impacts. Moreover, there is a soft padded collar on the shoes for comfort as well as tongue shields that helps to keep the skin free from irritation and provides a comfortable experience and durability.

VersoGrip Technology

Gravity Defyer has added yet another great advancement in these pair of shoes. These shoes are equipped with another one of their patent technology feature that is VerosoGrip – which helps to keep the feet firm in the pair of shoes. It provides a great grip on the feet and helps to keep the muscles free from pain and the Iokia keeps the feet securely grounded and protecting the legs, the feet as well as the knees. Moreover the shoes are also equipped with a highly comfortable fabric which lets your feet breathe thus protecting from feet odor.


  • Gender type: Women
  • Great white color
  • Material: Fabric and synthetic
  • Omega VersoShock Sole
  • Mesh fabric upper that is breathable
  • Custom orthotic inserts
  • Available in a variety of sizes

Customer Comments (Pros and Cons)

Majority of the customers who are using these shoes had a great experience but some of the users felt that these shoes were not very comfortable and were hard to walk with. Most of the customers however have given positive reviews and recommended these shoes due to their durability and their pain relief features.

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