Gravity Defyer Kennedy Men's Boots Review

Gravity Defyer Kennedy Men’s Boots Review

Gravity Defyer is one of the best shoemakers when it comes to comfort and functionality. They are one of the most trusted and reliable names when it comes to footwear that is ideal to be worn for pain relief. Their line of men’s boots is yet another popular shoe for men that are durable as well as great looking and have many features that are ideal for the rough and tough wear.

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Rough and tough

These Kennedy Men’s boots by Gravity Defyer are one of the most popular shoes for men due to their variety of features and their ability to withstand the rough and tough situations. The boots are waterproof which means they can be worn in all types of terrains without damaging the boot or the user’s feet. Moreover, the fabric used on the boots is the breathable mesh which allows the feet to breathe, keeping them dry and cool and also helps to fight off the foot odor. These boots are manufactured with a safety toe box and they are equipped with a rubber sole that is thick which helps to protect from electrical hazards and so these boots meets the ASTM F2412-11, 9 Electrical hazards standards. This means they can be easily worn for work conditions which requires the user to work in construction sites or which requires electrical work.

Comfort and safety

These boots can be worn on all types of terrains and treacherous conditions. They are built keeping in mind the slip resistant patterned outsole which is of high quality rubber, which is also oil resistant and helps to provide a great grip and traction on the surface. Moreover, not only do these boots keep the user safe and sound and protects the feet from inside as well as the outside but these boots also provide the utmost level of comfort as well. Since these boots are from Gravity Defyer which are known for their patent VersoShock technology, which is equipped in these boots as well. It helps to keep the feet secure on the ground and the technology absorbs all sorts of shock and impact that may cause pain or affect the legs or the feet. Furthermore there is a lot of padding and soft cushioning which keeps the feet comfortable all day long.  These boots are long lasting and durable since they are made from high quality full grain Nubuck leather and mesh fabric.


  • Waterproof Membrane
  • Puncture resistant
  • Material: Fabric and leather
  • VersoShock® reverse trampoline sole
  • Gender type: Men
  • Available in a variety of sizes

Customer Comments (pros and cons)

Majority of the customers were really satisfied with these boots and have been using them for their work on a daily basis.  The users have found these boots to be highly comfortable and on the inside while rough and strong on the outside. Some of the customers, however, found these boots to be a bit on the heavy side and were not pleased. Most of the customers though had positive reviews to share and recommended the boots.

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