Gravity Defyer Men's G-Defy Super Walk Athletic Shoes

Gravity Defyer Men’s G-Defy Super Walk Athletic Shoes Review

If you are looking for the best shoes that are ideal for walking or running or if for those who stand on their feet all day long – then these are the best ones for you. Made by Gravity Defyer, these are highly effective for those who pain issues and are extremely comfortable as well, providing both pain relief as well as comfort in a pair of great looking shoes!

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Key features

These Gravity Defyer Men’s Super Walk Athletic Shoes are made especially for and they have a separate line for women as well. These shoes are high in comfort as well as in durability. They are made by Gravity Defyer who specialize in producing high-quality shoes that are made for all sorts of pain relief, be it the pain in the feet or the legs, knees or the back or any sort of joint pain anywhere in the entire body. These shoes help to keep the feet comfortable and stable which helps to improve the overall posture of the body and keeps the user strong and stable.

VersoShock Technology

These shoes are equipped with a high technology of soles, which is the key selling point of these shoes by Gravity Defyer. The shoes have the reverse trampoline sole of VS2 VersoShock sole and the line of these shoes are the SuperWalk, which means these are the ideal shoes for walking and daily wear as well. The main aim of these soles is for shock absorption, which helps to keep the feet firmly on the ground and prevents any large impact on the feet from hurting the legs or the overall body. The shock is absorbed, that means the feet are protected and this helps to relieve pain. These are not just for people who are suffering from pain but also for those who want to prevent such pains and are ideal for long walks on the trail and everyday wear.

Comfortable and long lasting

These shoes are not just made for preventing pain issues but are also made for everyday wear and so are highly comfortable. They are constructed with the highest quality of materials and are equipped with a padded collar as well as with a tongue reduce chafing at the ankle that helps to keep the skin free from irritation. Moreover, they are extremely light in weight and have a rugged exoskeleton. Since these shoes are highly durable, they are equipped with toe and heel guards that help to reduce the effects of scuffing and wear, keeping the shoes looking new and feeling great even after years!


  • Gender: For men
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Made with breathable mesh fabric
  • Protects body when standing or walking
  • Removable insoles
  • Material: Fabric and synthetic


Customer Comments (pros and cons)

Majority of the customers who use these shoes are quite satisfied with the overall performance of these shoes and have given them a high star rating. Some of the users, on the other hand, have mentioned that these shoes made a loud sound while walking and some of the other users found these shoes to be a bit heavy. Most of the customers, however, have been pleased with the performance and the comfort of the shoes.

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